Another Milestone Passed

Posted on Sun 10 January 2016 in misc

For the first time in my life, I have gone an entire calendar year plus a few days on each end without changing jobs or moving. I suppose this marks the crossing of the Rubicon into stable adulthood. I'm beginning to reconsider my decision to move to the Seattle area after walking around in the ~10°F weather and snow today. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the cold weather, and Seattle barely ever drops below freezing thanks to the massive water heatsink of Puget Sound and the humidity and rain trapped between the Olympics and the Cascades. On the other hand, when I want cold weather I can always go find it, and some of the mountains around the Seattle area are snowcapped year round. Food for thought.

On a more technical note, I've been setting up CJDNS on all my personal systems in various physical locations, so that I have encrypted point to point tunnels between them for all traffic. This blog, for example, is available for cjdns users at This is conceptually similar to more traditional VPNs, but makes it easier to connect servers and PCs in half a dozen physical locations without a lot of needless round trips. Adding an additional layer of encryption for traffic between my mail server and laptop was of particular value for privacy. CJDNS can handle both TCP and UDP traffic, so things like Bittorrent and IPFS work transparently.